Development Process


Step 1: Define Concept

Initial meeting to discuss the overall concept of your project.


Step 2: Finalize Design

Based on feedback we will provide a design, scope, and cost to launch your product.


Step 3: Start Project

Price and project requirements are finalized and the contract is signed.


Step-4: Product Strategy

Detailed project plan is provided.


Step-5: Design & UI

Our team will design the user Interface of the product. The customer will review, approve, and sign-off on the design before moving forward.


Step-6: Development of Project

Usually made up of 4 key milestones. The customer will review, approve, and sign-off on each development milestone before moving to the next one.


Step-7: Marketing Strategy

Determine a best course of action to market your product.


Step-8: Product Launch

Product is moved to your production environment and app is uploaded to the app store and your in business.

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