The 4 core growth strategies for small businesses


4 Core Growth Strategies Every Small Business Should Know Growing a small business into a big company or even a medium one comes with many challenges. In fact, studies have shown, up to 80% of businesses fail to meet their growth and profitability targets each year. The big question becomes “why”.  From our own experience…

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Understanding how Google helps potential customers find your business


As a small business, it is critical to understand how potential customer searching for your products or services can find you on the first page. Although there are many factors to consider at the heart of a Google search is something called a keywords. keywords or key phrases, are the most commonly searched terms to find your…

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Growth Strategy Case Study


Business and Growth Strategy Case Study 1.0 Overview A private health care company specializing in oral surgery in the Washington DC Metro Area found themselves having a hard time keeping up with customer demand. With 8 offices and revenue in the millions, their business model was based on “always put the customer first” along with…

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What’s the hidden value of your small business investing in a mobile application?


Small Businesses Investing in Mobile Applications When determining if a mobile application (Apple or Android) is a good fit for your business, it’s important to understand why businesses invest in mobile applications in the first place.  The general perception is that all business apps are designed to interact with consumers, however that’s just half of…

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